Motion Graphics

Giving life to vision

We create 2D and 3D motion graphics for web, advertisements, apps, film, and education. We can tailor the animations to any stylistic requirements, and will consult with you to ensure that the animated content has the desired effect with the target audience.

The way things move matters as much as the form they take. At Shellan Doo, we're experts on how motion is read and the meaning it communicates. We excel at projects that want to say something particular through movement and say it consistently.

Motion alone can grab a potential customer's attention, yet it can also intentionally or unintentionally say something about your business. Customers will make assumptions about the quality of your product or service, whether you're a fast-paced, dynamic business or a more relaxed casual business, and whether you're a trustworthy business . . . all based on how your content moves.

Our motion graphics and motion graphics packages are tailored to your business, meaning we say what you want to say exactly as you want to say it.

Informed motion graphics

We create bespoke motion graphics underpinned by the following principles and expertise:

  • Carefully considered - The most important consideration for any motion product is what our clients want to say. Every motion project we undertake looks closely at the intended audience and how they'll read the motion they see on their screens.
  • Detailed design - We work with our clients to develop storyboards, match their existing branding, conduct pre-release testing, and make tweaks to deliver the highest quality product.
  • Multi-faceted - We can create 2D and 3D motion graphics, incorporating modern and traditional styles. Whatever the client needs for their own message, we can meet and exceed their expecations.
  • High-tech - Our motion graphics are build using the latest graphics technology, and we always keep up to date with the latest developments. We can create motion graphics for emerging technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality and embed them within existing websites and applications.
  • Informed by psychological science - As one of the very few graphic design studios (and the only studio in the Isle of Man) that has expertise in psychology and graphic design, all of our work is informed by an objective understanding of how people react to visual messages.

Who might enquire about motion graphics?

As screen-based and visual technologies move into more areas of our lives, any and all businesses can benefit from motion design.

Those who might be particularly interested in utilising the power of motion include:

  • Content sharers who want to give their messages an edge
  • Businesses looking to give life to a brand and attract the attention of potential customers
  • Educators who want to deliver lessons that are engaging, inspiring, and memorable
  • Organisations that want to tell people something about themselves that they might not already know
  • Film makers who want interesting and exciting title sequences and special effects

Motion graphics packages

Get in touch to ask us about our motion graphics packages. Typically, a motion graphics package might include:

  • An animated logo
  • An explainer video related your products/services
  • An interactive graphic for your website

Motion Graphics Projects

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